Mission statement:

To encourage the use of Witchcraft and practice of The Old Religion.

Magically, there's so much available to us, sometimes with practice, sometimes with initiation, sometimes both.

I'm Nigel Cox, a Witch of The Old Religion. The path leading up to my initiation came about after years of searching for a spiritual path (and with a little help from Reiki).

Now I work with the pentagram, a symbol I've chosen to put on my mats. I hope you'll gain inspiration to learn more about how this ancient symbol can help you.

As for the use of leather, well, leather is an old and versatile product that man has fashioned for his purposes for thousands of years. It's suitable for carving and this leather is smooth, shiny and tactile.

At witchware.net, it's my aim to help those interested in 'The Craft' to bring it into their lives, be this through information and instruction, or having products pertaining to The Craft around them, for ritual practice or just as importantly, to enjoy.

Nigel Cox