Mission statement:

To encourage the use of Witchcraft and practice of The Old Religion.

Magically, there's so much available to us, sometimes with practice, sometimes with initiation, sometimes both.

I'm Nigel Cox, a Witch of The Old Religion and director of Witchware Ltd.

I first began Witchware when I saw a large leather pentacle pendant. I liked what I saw, large but light to wear, a grand statement of belief in Wicca, and in black leather. Leather is an old and versatile product that man has fashioned for his purposes for thousands of years. The pentacle in leather spoke to me of an ancient product symbolising an ancient religion. It wasn't long before I began carving leather.

Over time I started to create other leather and wood products and I soon added crystals to make leather and crystal pendants and buckles. The addition of crystals seemed a natural progrssion, since I had been using them for over 20 years.

I'd reached a point where I felt I needed to write down what my beliefs in The Old Religion were. This led to me writing Witchware and The Old Religion: an introduction.

It soon seemed right to add the 'old world' imagary to Witchware, which you'll find in many products and Witchware branding, including in a a programme I've made for magical practitioners.

I like to think that the use of natural products and medieval imagary suit people who want to connect to the old ways and The Old Religion.

Nigel Cox