Magical Downloads

Fancy having your spells, ceremonies, music, artwork or writing downloaded from the net and making money from it? Then read on......

Whether you're an accomplished spell-caster, an budding new writer, a pagan musician, a fantasy artist, or a film maker, consider the possibility of making money automatically over a 24/7 period. This could be possible by linking your digital work to Magical Downloads.

But what is Magical Downloads?

Magical Downloads is a download system. You'll have most likely used a download system any time you've bought and downloaded a file from the Internet. This might have been for a programme, a film, some music or an e-book. Any time you've bought and downloaded from the net, you'll have used a download system.

It works like this

I'll put either a buy now button or a shopping basket (cart) on your web page (buy now buttons are for single purchases and shopping baskets (carts) are for multible purchases).

When the button is clicked, it activates the download function.

The purchaser is taken to the PayPal web site where they can review their purchases and make a secure payment.

The link for their download is sent to the email address they've entered into PayPal.

The user clicks the download link and downloads their purchases.

The money for the purchases is kept in your PayPal account until you withdraw it (minus a small percentage taken by PayPal).

Above is an example of the image your customers could see when they download a file from you. Of course it would show your business or personal details instead of mine.

Your customers will receive a notification email for their download, and you will receive a copy of this and a an email notification of the sale.

But what about if you don't have a web page?

No problem. I can offer you a basic yet functional web page to incorporate the download system to sell your work. A example can be seen here. I've set up PayPal buttons to sell files for £0.01.

I'll also convert your written material to 'password secured' PDF. This will restrict your customers from copying and editing your work. I can also put in a personal or business logo on the PDF, making your work look professional.

Imagine how many people are looking to buy pagan music, pagan or fantasy art, spells or ceremonies online. Imagine making a collection of your work for your own web page. I can link up all digital files to Magical Downloads, this might include, PDF, MP3, JPG, 3GP etc.

Having a web page like this would save a lot of people a lot of time from searching through books or searching online for a suitable spell. But why stop at spells? Why not write Sabbat Ceremonies or a house cleansing ceremony or rites of passage, or a name giving ceremony or any ceremony within the pagan way which can be written.

Or if you're working on that book of witchcraft, or healing herbs, or blending magical incense, why not have it converted into a professional looking secured PDF and have it available for download. Plus, if you wanted it made into a paperback book, PDF is an industry standard format for printing. You could have all your work categorised on your own web page.

If you're a pictorial or musical artist, imagine the opportunity of having your work available around the globe for download.

So what do you need to get started?

Well first off, the work you're selling. You could use SpellBase to create your spells and ceremonies. If you haven't yet found out about SpellBase, click here.

The second thing is to consider, is your work ready for market? For written work, a great spell is a well written spell. Sometimes a little polishing is the difference between a one-time buyer and a repeat customer. I can offer a polishing service by forwarding your work to my 'word-smith', who delights in polishing - and he's very good at it.

The techy stuff.

You'll need a hosting package, a domain name and a PayPal account.


PHP 6 and above.

Apache web server or Windows IIS.

An SSL certificate on your web server to use https for communications with PayPal.

mySQL database version 3.23 or higher.

Linux, FreeBSD or Windows operating system on the web server.

A Paypal Business or Premier account.

Email functionality on the web server.


If you have a hosting package with the above spec and you'd like download software installed and set up on your server, you'll need to have access to your control panel and know your log in details and know your FTP login details.

Fear not!

If the above tech talk has sent you into despair, I can recommend They have very helpful staff and can direct you to the best offer to include all of the above techy stuff.

The hosting package is where your web site is stored and contains all the tools you'll need to enable your download software. Your domain name is used for your web site name, for instance I own, and this is the name used for my web site.

Work and Prices

Editing 'polishing' written material

Conversion of written material to PDF

Installation and set-up of the download software

Upload of files to server (and link to the download software)

Web Work

£15.00 per hour (with a minimum or one hour)

Up to to 2 A5 pages included in price. Further to this £15.00 per hour (with a minimum or 1 hour).


First session included in price. Further to this, £10 per file (written, music, art etc).

Initially £25 per hour (with a minimum of 1 hour).

This includes 500 words (which you will need to supply) and five images, which might include your logo imagery/business name and spell/ceremony pictures. You can supply your own images, but try to keep a high resolution. 300 DPI is the standard. Lower DPI images might not be clear and crisp if they have to be re-sized. I can supply royalty free images at £10 per image and I can send them to you for approval.

Any further small text changes will be free. Any further larger web work at £15 per hour (with a minimum of one hour).

My web pages are templates. You can choose the colour and size and font of the text (please note), if your customers computer does not have the font you choose, another font will substitute.

The basic layout of your page will remain the same as seen in my template.

So for £175 you could have an active web page where your customers could download your work 24/7. And of course, you choose the price for your work.

Turnaround for completion of work from initial consultation can very depending on how much of your own work you want to sell, when you have signed off your web work and my own workload. Enquire at consultation for an estimate.