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Reject Corner

The crafting process for making mats is a delicate art. One slip of the hand and potentially, it's time, effort and leather wasted. Or maybe not.......

This is Reject Corner. It's for the products that didn't quite make the grade. They might have a scratch here, a chip there or a shape that's 'out of shape'. Quite honestly, some mistakes might not be noticeable until they've been pointed out, but still, they've missed the grade.

But why put them to waste? They're still useful, practical items, and if you can live with a little defect, then you'll have purchased a bargain.

Each mat is listed with a photo and a description of the defect, and priced accordingly. PayPal will let you know if a product has been 'sold out', and I'll remove the listing as soon as I can.

So have a look below. You might find a bargain.


The following mats are approx. 150 mm black leather squares, approx. 2 mm thick with added 2 mm thick cork backing. They have carved pentagrams (in unbroken line style) inside 115 mm diameter carved circles.

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Plain Pentagram Mat (with scratch)

Small Pentagram Mat

Description of fault:

Scratch near upper line towards point for water

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Plain Pentagram Mat (with slipped carving)

Small Pentagram Mat

Description of fault:

Slipped when carving on the horizontal line at the base of the 'Spirit point triangle'. The line is wider than it should be.

 For a closer view, click on image to expand