Mission statement:

To encourage the use of Witchcraft and practice of The Old Religion.

Magically, there's so much available to us, sometimes with practice, sometimes with initiation, sometimes both.

I'm Nigel Cox, a Witch of The Old Religion and director of Witchware.

Here at Witchware you can find all sorts of beautiful and practical items for both the beginner and the experienced practitioner. From pentacle mats to crystals, spell candles and holders, censer, charcoal, wands and runes. Even an application for magical practitioners, or my book about Witchcraft and the Old Religion.

For an addition to your accessories, see my leather belts and ornate metal buckles, or take a look at my leather and crystal buckles, exclusive to Witchware.

Browse at your leisure and see what's available at Witchware.

Nigel Cox