Welcome to Witchware™

The UK has a rich heritage in witchcraft and although over the centuries it has been attacked and attempted to be stamped out by religious zealots, it has endured and over time even increased in popularity. Many people are attracted to the mysteries associated with witchcraft and many develop a meaningful spiritual path from exploring it. There is a saying, 'once a witch, always a witch'. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying, there is certainly something deep to be found in connecting to 'the old gods'.

There is also a rising interest in ancient knowledge and pre-Christian beliefs found in Celtic Druidic and Norse and Witchware™ has related publications to explore at occulus.net.

Occulus.net is the bookshop associated with Witchware™

Many aspects of psychic development in clairvoyance and divination have gained interest and study of related subjects such as astrology, stone circles, sacred geometry and sigils and symbols have also gained interest, some of which have been associated with witches over the ages, and because of this they have found a place in Witchware™.

With a rising interest in ancient knowledge, magical practises and pre-Christian beliefs, Witchware™ aims with it's ever growing book collection to facilitate new discoveries. Plus with an range of mystical styled jewellery, belt buckles, bags, wristbands and more, Witchware™ has items to express 'old world' interests.

So browse and enjoy what Witchware™ can offer you.

Nigel Cox

Director of Witchware