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(For a greater description of the talismanic properties of Runes, please see the Runes page)

Bindrunes are a combination or 'binding' of a number of runes to help manifest the energy to bring about particular changes in our lives. I can craft a bindrune into a leather talisman pendant.

For example, if I were helping someone trying to leave a difficult situation, like an abusive relationship, I might use these runes in the form of a 'Runescript':



Runescript Description

Runescript Description

Then I would bind the runes to make the below bindrune and craft it into a leather talisman pendant.

The Bindrune

Bindrunes can often also contain 'ghost runes'. These ghost runes are runes which at closer inspection are apparent in the bindrune, which are added to the bindrune's efficacy.

The above bindrune also contains:


To have a bindrune made for you, contact me to discuss your requirements and then buy a bindrune talisman via the add to cauldron link at the bottom of this page.

After the consultation, I'll create a runescript and then a bindrune. Once the runes are bound together, I'll craft it into a leather talisman pendant.

The talisman will then need to be bound to the recipient, to make it magically active. For this to happen, you'll need to send me a photo of yourself (or whoever it is for). I will then bind the bindrune talismanic pendant to this image, like binding it to an effigy, and as a result, symbolically binding it to you (or the recipient). Please note, if you're buying this service as a gift for a loved one or a friend, please get their permission first.

Then, as in other spells, once you or the recipient wears the pendant, you or they will have agreed to take all that the pendant represents into their life, and from this, you or they can expect changes to occur, namely, the changes the bindrune will bring.


Consultation, crafting the bindrune in leather and making a pendant. Activating and binding the runes to the recipient: £15.00

Bindrune Talismanic Pendant: £15

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Please note, The talismanic runic properties associated with bindrunes are considered to be true by Witchware. However, I cannot guarantee that by wearing a talismanic bindrune pendant, you will experience the effects you desire.