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Published by: Witchware Ltd

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9160451-0-1

This is a written fundamental grounding in Witchcraft and The Old Religion in A5 page size, written in 'bite size' pieces by me (Nigel Cox).

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The religion of a witch is sometimes known as The Old Religion but more commonly referred to as Wicca. In The Old Religion, we work with The Goddess and The God. It is a nature based religion as we consider that all things are within nature and that nature is within all things.

Who is this book for?

It is for people interested in witchcraft and learning about The Old Religion, and perhaps becoming a witch. It is also for a beginner who has begun their path into Wicca and would benefit from a grounding in its structures. It will teach the fundamentals of this religion, leading to writing your own seasonal related ceremonies and spells and, if you wish, your own self initiation into the religion.

See below for content:

Document structure:

Section 1: An introduction to The Old Religion

Section 2: Creating ceremonies

Section 3: Writing seasonal ceremonies

Section 4: Witchcraft

Section 5: The Altar

Section 6: Making Magic

Section 7: Becoming a witch


Section 1: An introduction to The Old Religion:

Are witches real?

Is Witchcraft the same as Black Magic?

What do witches believe/celebrate?

Is The Old Religion the same as Wicca?

The Goddess and God, what are they?

Names of the Goddess and God

Why He is The Horned God

The phases of the Goddess and God

Is The Old Religion a fertility cult?

Is it a religion solely for women?

What is a witch?

Introducing The Sabbats and the wheel of the year

Energy changes

The Underworld and the Tree of Life

Why we celebrate The Sabbats

Light and Dark of the year (in the northern hemisphere)

The Oak King and the Holly King - symbols of The God

Esbats and the lunar phases - The Goddess in her three forms

The White Goddess and The Black Goddess

Thoughts on The Goddess and God

The Pentagram

The Elemental Powers

How the Elemental Powers can be used in ceremony and magic

The Pentacle and The Gods


Prayer to The Gods


Section 2: Creating ceremonies

Creating ceremonies for The Sabbats

Preparing oneself - washing/bathing

Skyclad or Robed?

Clearing the space

Making the four points sacred

Visualisation - an introduction

The Magic Circle

Casting a circle (taking inside all you need)

Inviting in the Gods and Guardians

A little humility

Opening your ceremony

Carrying out the ceremony

Leaving the circle during ceremony

Toasting The Gods

Hail and Farewell

Closing the ceremony and the circle

Grounding and sealing the energy in oneself after ceremony

Deosil and Widdershins

Is the circle always necessary?

Prayer to The Gods


Section 3: Writing seasonal ceremonies

Instruction in how to write a seasonal ceremony

Seasonal ceremony example

Prayer to The Gods


Section 4: Witchcraft

What is magic/witchcraft?

Definition of magic

Why they are called spells

Do spells have to rhyme?

Is magic divine?

Is witchcraft/magic evil?

Why practise magic?

Who we are working with

How magic works

Intention and energy

Raising the energy

Visualisation (making your mark for change)

By season

By lunar phase

Is magic restricted to seasonal or lunar phases?

Rules of magic

Banishing spells

I command thee

When should we use magic?

Will magic hurt anyone?

Prayer to The Gods


Section 5: The Altar

What the altar is for

Making an altar

Altar cloth





Candles and holders



Bowls (Cauldron)


Book of Shadows

Laying the altar

Consecrating your tools

Storing your tools

Prayer to The Gods


Section 6: Making Magic

Abundance Spell

Environmental Spells

Prayer to The Gods


Section 7: Becoming a witch

How will you know that you want to become a witch?

When can you become a witch?

What does it mean to be a witch?

What benefits will you gain from being a witch?

What is likely to happen after initiation?

What if you later decide that Wicca is not right for you?

How do you become a witch?

Self initiation rite preparations

Self initiation rite

Final Note



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