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Witchware TM Privacy Policy

Terms used in this document:

Witchware TM is the trading name for Witchware Ltd, a UK registered company, company number 11180209. is the URL or domain name or web site for Witchware TM .

You/Your refers to the users/viewers/purchasers of goods and/or services at

Personal Information is information which personally identifies you

Personal Information

Witchware TM collects some personal information you supply from financial transactions or enquiries.

Financial Transactions

When carrying out a financial transaction at either or at, i.e. making a payment to Witchware TM . The information collected by Witchware TM includes your name, postal address, email address and transaction date and time. The postal details you supply are used to send the products you've purchased to and all the above details you supply might be used for marketing purposes by Witchware TM for Witchware TM services and/or goods. Witchware TM offers a marketing opt-out facility in every marketing type which you might receive from Witchware TM .

No card payment details are stored by Witchware TM and all payments are carried out by PayPal.

Enquiry details

The details you supply through enquires might also be used for marketing purposes to offer you goods and/or services which might be of interest to you.

Cookies uses third party tracking cookies for marketing analytics from Google Ads. It only harvests non-personal information like general geographical location and web browsing habits which are non-identifiable to you and can help improve your browsing experience by showing you adverts across the Internet relevant to your interests (including showing adverts for this site across the Internet). Witchware TM does not sell any personal or non-personal information received through browsing or by sales or enquiries. If you would like to view your Google Ad settings, you can see them at If you have any further questions please email