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(mobile practitioner)

Please note. All 'hands on' Reiki work is temporarily ceased due to the Corona Crisis and the payment function has been removed. Remote Reiki work is available.

You might say Reiki is not Pagan - it's Buddhist. But I see this differently. Reiki was started by a Buddhist, but It's not 'Buddhist'. Reiki can be practised by anyone who has been attuned to it.

So what is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key), meaning universal life force energy, is a beautiful and peaceful way to help your body heal. It was started by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. It's entirely natural and can be given by a practitioner laying their hands on or over your body, or given remotely.

During a hands-on session, you can either lie on a therapy couch or sit in a chair, if preferred. During remote healing, you can be given Reiki wherever you choose (though to begin with it may be better to sit or lie down somewhere comfortable, until you see how it affects you).

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Although Reiki is given, the healing is taken or drawn by you, through me, the practitioner. It's not a conscious 'taking'; your body knows how much it needs at the time of healing.

Reiki can aid healing in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It can even be directed to situations, e.g. difficulties at work, at home or in finding a job. It can work in conjunction with other therapies, to assist healing. It's safe to use on anybody, at any age.

Remote healing can be sent through space and time, to the past, present and the future. It could be sent to a forthcoming job interview or meeting, or therapy session, or to the past. Although the past is done, we often hold on to situations. By sending Reiki to a traumatic or painful situation in the past, Reiki can help us to heal the pain we have held onto for years.

I am a mobile practitioner. I'm happy to come to your house (within about a 10 mile radius of Wimborne, Dorset). I will bring my therapy couch.

Before a treatment, I would talk with you to see what you'd like to heal. We'd then arrange a date and time, either at your home or for remote healing. If you'd like Reiki at your home, on arrival, I'd fill out a short client record sheet (which I would keep in strictest confidence) and then ask you to lie on the therapy couch or sit in a chair. I can play some some soft music if you like and the treatment begins. You might experience heat or coolness from my hands, or tingling on your body. No removal of clothes is necessary, only your shoes if you lay on the couch.

A home visit healing session would usually last up to 45 minutes, with a 15 minute 'after session' time, giving you time to 'wake up' and for us to discuss your treatment - what you experienced, how you feel, whether you'd like further healing sessions.

If you'd prefer remote healing, again we would talk prior to your treatment and I'd fill out the record sheet. I am a level two attuned Reiki practitioner, which means I am able to direct distance healing.

After your treatment, as with a home visit, I'd be happy to discuss your treatment with you either by phone or email.

Reiki is natural healing energy. I am attuned to channel and direct this energy, but I am not trained as a medical professional. I cannot diagnose ailments or illnesses, guarantee cures, or suggest alternative routes of therapy. In all cases, please seek medical advice if you have a concern. Reiki can be sent to situations, but I cannot guarantee that it'll achieve the effects you desire. But don't be put off. Reiki might help you in ways you haven't yet thought about.

If you'd like some remote Reiki work, contact me and buy your 1 hour session (to the right).

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1 hour remote Reiki session: £20