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For the modern magical practitioner

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SpellBase, the fantastic programme from Witchware TM, is perfect for the modern magical practitioner and is available as a FREE Trial Version.

It's partly a digital book of shadows to write and store your sabbats and spells. But it's so much more as well. It's a multi-functional database to store and retrieve all sorts of data.

Working with divination? You can add these details to SpellBase. Then add your client to SpellBase. Add your client's divination appointment date, whether it's a remote or 'in-house' reading and add the income for their session. Then at a click of button, generate an invoice for your client - It's that easy.

It's easy to work with and you can find your way around SpellBase by using one of its seven Switchboards (one of which is shown above).

Carrying out any spells for anyone? Whether this be for protection, healing, love or for a house cleansing, everyone could do with a spell from time-to-time. Add your client to SpellBase, then add your 'client's condition' and then assign a spell you've written to remedy the situation. Then finish it off with some post-spell notes. Then, add the income you've received for your hard work.

As any good witch knows, it's never a good idea to call back someone who has passed over. However, mediums offer a helpful service in difficult times and can bring through messages from loved ones who have passed over. For this reason, I've included a section for mediumship in SpellBase.

You don't have to be committed to all three disciplines of spell-caster, divinator and medium. You can practice any one or any combination of these disciplines and SpellBase has the facilities to store all of these details.

But ease and convenience is really shown in the reports available in SpellBase.

Once the data is in SpellBase, you can run a number of reports, just by clicking buttons and entering a search and SpellBase will generate the reports for you. This can be to generate invoices, show appointments, or call up the spells or sabbats you've written and lots more!

You can even add your own business details to SpellBase and these will be shown on all the invoices you produce. Then, simply print your invoices. Plus, save paper and only print a sabbat or spell when you need it. You could even use SpellBase to write spells and sabbats for other people!

But why write more than you need? Simply copy and paste last years Sabbats into this years Sabbats and 'tweak' them as appropriate. Also do the same with spells. You could write a protection spell for a client, and then copy and paste it for another client and again tweak it as appropriate.

But SpellBase contains many more facilities. Store the names of The Gods and Goddesses you call on for your ceremonies, plus the names of your spiritual helpers and the tools and herbs you use. You can then 'assign' the details you need to your spells and sabbats.

You can store your costs for herbs and tools and the suppliers you use, and then run reports to calculate your expenditures over whichever periods you choose. You can also run reports to calculate the income for your work. Plus so much more!

It's easy to install and comes with a tutorial.

Below is view of some of the facilities available in SpellBase.

This is the main page of SpellBase and the place to add your clients' details. The pictures at the top and sides are buttons to open other parts of Spellbase.

This is the Spell Book. You can add many spells and search for spells.

Clicking on the Sabbat Ceremonies Button opens the Sabbats Form (shown above).

The Yule Ceremony Form.

The Tools and Herbs Forms. Add your details here and 'call them up' later.

The Gods/Goddesses and Spiritual Helpers Forms. Add your details in these forms and 'call up' the details later on when you need them.

The Reading Source Form. This is where you can add your reading methods.

The Appointments Form. This is where you can choose your client's appointment type.

Showing above is facility to choose all three appointment types for your client.

Showing above is the Magical Consultation/Spell and Post Spell Notes Forms. You can choose a suitable spell you have written and 'assign' it to your client.


Here we see the Appointment Report. You can run a search over any period and SpellBase will show your appointments for that period.

Here we see an excerpt of the Spell Invoice Report. All you do is run a search for your client, then print their invoice. It even generates an invoice number for you.

This is the lower part of the Spell Invoice Report. SpellBase enables you to enter your payment policy details. You could use this function to add your payment details if required.

Here we see an excerpt from the Reading Invoice Report. As above, all you do is run a search for your client and then print their invoice, and as above, it generates an invoice number for you.

This is the lower part of the Reading Invoice Report.

The Contact Invoice Report (top part).

The Contact Invoice Report (lower part).

The following are also in SpellBase:

Six more Switchboards.

More Forms:

Reading Form:

This is where you can store your reading details for your clients' appointments.

Contact Forms:

Two forms to store the details of your mediumship appointments.

Invoices with added VAT:

Spell Invoice with VAT.

Reading Invoice with VAT.

Contact Invoice with VAT.

The above three reports show invoices with the current VAT rate calculated into your total.

Collective Invoices:

Contacts, Readings and Spells Invoice.

A handy invoice if your client has come to you for three services.

Contacts, Readings and Spells Invoice with VAT.

The same as above, but with the current VAT rate calcultated into your total.

Sabbat Reports:

Yule, Imbolc, Oestra, Beltane, Midsummer, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain.

Why not help out new budding witches by writing spells and sabbats for them? You could add this to your services and use SpellBase to store, email or print them.

Income Reports:

Spells Income.

Run a quick seach over any period to see how much income you've brought in. Useful to see which spells are popular.

Readings Income.

Similar to the Spells Income Report. Run a quick seach over any period to see how much income you've brought in for your readings.

Contacts, Readings and Spells Income.

Similar to the income reports above, but for three services.

Spell Searchers:

Conditions and Remedies.

A quick way to see a client's condition and the spell you've used to remedy it. Useful to view the history of your client, should they come to you for another spell.

Spell Search.

A handy quick search to find spells. Useful for finding a suitable spell to remedy a condition.

Expenditure and Birthdays:

Tools Expenditure.

See how much expenditure you've had for tools over any period and see which suppliers you've used most.

Herbs/Incense Expenditure.

See how much expenditure you've had for herbs/incense over any period and see which suppliers you've used most.

Current month's birthdays.

See which of your clients have birthdays in the current month and then why not email them with a voucher for a spell or a reading?

System Requirements:

Windows XP or later

212 MB disc space

Suited for PC or Laptop

Adobe Reader to read the PDFs. Get Adobe Reader here - it's free.

Please Note: Although SpellBase has been digitally signed and has been issued with a valid Code Signing Certificate from an authorised Digital Certificate Supplier, this certificate will only be read by your computer upon installation. Until then (after download and before installation), your computer may present you with warnings that SpellBase does not have a digital signature.

If you have any questions about SpellBase (including its digital signature), please email me.

Request a copy at and I'll send you a link to dowload a FREE copy.

No obligation to buy

The SpellBase Trial Version will run for 5 days. After this many aspects of the programme will be locked for use.

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