Spell Kit

The Witchware Spell Kit is a one-stop pack to learn a system for spellcasting. It contains four written spells for:

Love - Protection - Break Addiction - Healing

The kit contains:

A carved leather pentacle mat

Five crystals:

Rose Quartz for love, Bloodstone for protection, Citrine and Black Obsidian for breaking addiction and Green Aventurine for healing.

A booklet containing the spells and the system for spellcasting

The Witchware spell kit instruction booklet also contains information about some of the properties of the crystals in this kit, enabling you to use these crystals to cast other spells if you choose. It also teaches you a system to use crystals for further spells, all you have to do is research the correct crystal for the spell.

It teaches you to work with the pentacle (a typical Wiccan tool), how to call on the traditional Wiccan Deities and work with The Guardians of The Elements.

So buy today and learn to cast spells to help and heal yourself or others.

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